Rules of the Hostel :


These Rules known as the “ Pune Cantonment Board’s Hostel Allotment Rules” are formulated in the interest of the Working Women seeking admission in the Hostel and for the efficient and orderly functioning of the Hostel under the Management of the Pune Cantonment Board.


The Pune Cantonment Board with the objective of promotion of safe and conveniently located accommodation for Working Women with Day Care facilities for their children have constructed the hostel building near Jan Mohammed Street. The project have been sanctioned by the Ministry of Child Development, Government of India, New Delhi. The hostel building is made available to all working women without any distinction with respect to caste, religion, marital status etc and will go a long way in helping, encouraging, providing opportunities for growth and development of working women, who need to live away from their families due to professional commitments.


The hostel provides two bedded accommodation twin type with common bathroom facilities.  No furniture is required to be brought in by the applicant.



  1. Working women, who may be single, widowed, divorced, separated, married but whose husband or immediate family does not reside in the same city/area. Particular preference may be given to women from disadvantaged sections of the society. There should be also provision for reservation of seats for physically challenged beneficiaries.
  2. Women who are under training for job provided the total training period does not exceed one year. This is only on the condition that there is vacancy available after accommodating working women. The number of women under training for job should not exceed 30% of the total capacity.
  3. Girls up to the age of 18 years and boys up to the age of 5 years, accompanying working mothers will be provided accommodation, with their mothers. Working mothers may also avail of the services of the Day Care Centre, as provided under the scheme.
  4. Day care facilities for the children of working women will be made available.
  5. 15% & 7% of the seats in the hostel shall be reserved for Schedule Cast & Schedule Tribes respectively.


The applicant should be earning an income below Rs. 30,000/- only. The rent for accommodation will be 10% of gross emoluments of the applicant per month. In case of children to be accommodated in the Day Care Centre, the charges will be 5% of the emoluments of their mother per child per month.  

When the income of the resident exceeds the specified amount in due course of time, she will be required to vacate the hostel within two months time. Priority will be given to applicants who are not residents of Pune, who have not lived in Pune for the past three years and are new to the city. The Hostel Management Committee shall take up cases for admission of trainees / students on a case to case basis as per the permissible norms. No working woman shall be permitted to stay beyond three terms.


The applicants seeking admission in the hostel are required to comply with the criteria mentioned below :-

a.       Letter from the parent / local guardian as the case may be (form attached) permitting the applicant to stay in the hostel and undertaking that she will vacate the room upon the cessation of her licence and will abide by the rules, regulations and instructions in force from time to time as well as nominating the local guardian.

b.       Letters of reference from two persons holding responsible positions preferably from Pune.

c.       A letter from the applicant’s employer giving designation and details of pay and allowances including DA, HRA, conveyance, city compensation and other allowances.

d.       Local guardian’s letter (from attached) agreeing to take away the resident from the hostel in times of illness and distress or as may be required by the Management, on weekends / nights out and when the licence for stay is terminated.

e.       An affidavit from self employed women containing nature of job she is doing and her total emoluments.

f.        ID proofs of parent, local guardian and the candidate.

g.       Offer of allotment of accommodation will be made after an interview of the applicant by the Hostel Management Committee. Applicant will be called for an interview at her own expenses. The hostel committee may accept or reject an application at their discretion and their decision shall be final. In case the allottee fails to occupy the room within seven days of notification of the offer of allotment, the allotment will be treated as cancelled automatically without any further communication.

h.      Application forms received from any other source or incomplete application shall not be entertained and will be summarily rejected.


  1. The applicant will be called for an interview at her own expense

by the Hostel Management Committee. Offer of allotment of accommodation will be made as per accommodation available at that period of time depending on the income of the applicant. The Hostel Management Committee may accept or reject an application at their own discretion and their decision will be final. In case the allottee fails to occupy the room within seven days of the notification of the allotment, the allotment will stand cancelled and no further communication will be entertained.

         b.       All admissions will be made for a term of 11 (eleven) months in the first instance after executing a bond in the presence of a witness. Subsequently she may seek re-admission up to a maximum period of 2 more terms of 11 months each, which will be at the discretion of the Management. The total stay in the hostel however, shall not in any case exceed three terms of 11 months each.


a.       All non-refundable and one time fees are to be paid at the time of admission. The monthly charges should be paid by the resident by the 10th of every month failing which Rs.50/- will be charged per week of delay in payment. Failure to make the payment by the end of the month will result in the cancellation of the room allotted to her. The Hostel Management Committee, however, may on sufficient grounds condone the delay.


b.       All payments are to be made in cash preferably and 4-B Receipt obtained.. Cheques may be accepted in special cases and if any cheque bounces for any reason whatsoever, a fine of Rs.250/-along with the late fee charges must be made in cash.


c.       The rates mentioned below are subject to revision at the discretion of the Hostel Management Committee.


d.       Applicants joining the hostel on or before the 15th of every month will pay the full months hostel accommodation fees and those joining after 15th of each month will pay half month accommodation fee for that month.


          Monthly Accommodation (on twin sharing basis) & mess fee


  1. 10% of the gross emoluments of the applicant
  2. 5% of the gross emoluments for day care centre per child
  3. Mess fee as per actual / as per rate quoted by the approved contractor.


a.       Residents intending to terminate their stay in the Hostel are required to give one month’s advance notice in writing or pay the full amount of the fees for the above said period in lieu of the notice period.

b.       On expiry of the initial or extended period of allotment, the resident will automatically vacate the hostel and handover peaceful possession of the accommodation provided to her to the Warden of the Hostel.

c.       Admission in the Hostel does not mean a claim for tenancy or other legal claims by the resident. The resident has no right to claim or demand a particular room, bed, or property therein. The arrangement, allotment and control of the Hostel premises, rests with the Hostel Management Committee and is executed through the Warden. A resident may be called upon to shift to another room or bed as per requirements by the Warden.

d. Any resident suffering from any contagious or communicable disease that endangers the health of other residents will be required to vacate the hostel within 24 hours and the Local Guardian will ensure that this takes place.

e.       For any breach of the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel, a resident, after due investigation, may be asked to vacate the hostel immediately and the decision of the Hostel Management Committee in this regard will be final.


f.        In case any resident does not vacate the hostel when required as per the rules, the Hostel Management Committee will be within its rights to evict such a resident by breaking open the lock to the room, taking stock of the belongings in the room and remove them in the presence of two witnesses.


g.       An allottee residing in the hoste is expected to vacate the hostel after the termination of her allotted period.




a.       Mess facilities are common and compulsory for all residents. Cooking food of any type is not permitted in the rooms and all are expected to have their meals in the dining hall at the time fixed for each meal. No request for any special meal preference will be entertained. The charges for the mess which may be changed from time to time will be paid along with other fees before the 10th of every month.


b.       Timings


          Breakfast    :         6.30 to 8.30 am

          Lunch         :         1.00 to 2.00 pm

          Evening tea :         5.00 to 6.45 pm

          Dinner        :         8.00 to 9.30 pm             


c.       Packed lunch will be made available alongwith breakfast for the working women who apply for it at the time of admission


d.       No rebate will be made for meals not consumed.


e.       For working women who come back after late night duties, food will be kept at the written request in the containers provided by them.


f.        Food, cutlery and crockery are not to be taken out of the dining room.


g.       A mess rebate may be extended to those on leave with prior written information and request for 15 successive days twice  a year or for 30 consecutive days once a year. 




A resident is expected to be neatly dressed at all times, except in her own room. House coats, night wear, etc. are not permitted in the hostel except in one’s own room. This dress code will be strictly adhered particularly in the Dining Hall and the Reception area of the Hostel.




All residents are expected to be in the hostel premises by 9.00 p.m. each day. Residents may be permitted to avail themselves of one late night in a week. The risk and responsibility for going out will be entirely that of the resident and the Hostel Management Committee will not be responsible for any untoward incident which may happen inside or outside the Hostel premises.



Any resident wishing to spend a night(s) away from the Hostel must fill in the “LEAVE APPLICATION FORM” available and ensure to obtain the signature of the Warden of the Hostel. No rebate is permissible to the resident for such absence from the Hostel. Residents absenting themselves from the Hostel without written and approved permission from the concerned authorities will not be permitted to continue her stay in the Hostel.




Prior to proceeding on leave for periods during vacation etc, information to this effect in writing must be submitted to the Warden. A resident may retain the accommodation allotted to her for a period of three months only, provided she pays the regular fees in advance for the complete period that she will be away on leave.






Residents are required to inform the Warden within 7 days of cessation of their employment, and when there is a change in the Employer. Failure to report this would result in the termination of her stay in the Hostel. They may however, be permitted to stay for a maximum period of 2 months in order to enable them to find another employment at the discretion of the Hostel Management Committee.




All residents are expected to participate in the activities planned for them by the Hostel Management Committee. This will ensure a sense of belonging, sharing and caring for each other.




All residents are personally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the rooms allotted to them along with the property, furniture and fixtures therein. Any damage with respect to the glass mirrors, window panes, electrical fittings, etc. should be made good at the expense of the resident concerned. The furniture and fixtures in each room should not be shifted to any place outside the room. If any unauthorized occupation of the premises is seen at any point of time by any resident or others, the concerned person will be immediately evicted and the penalty imposed by the Hostel Management Committee will have to be paid.





Every resident is expected to leave a duplicate key to the room allotted to her with the Warden. The rooms will be opened for inspection by concerned authorities at any time. The supervision and control of the Hostel will always remain with the Warden through the Hostel Management Committee.




The Hostel authorities and the Hostel Management Committee will take no responsibility for loss of money or valuables belonging to the residents. Residents are advised to take care of their belongings themselves.




Electric appliances are not permitted in the room, defiance of which shall enable the Warden to confiscate the gadget. The lights in the bathrooms should be used only as and when necessary and shall be switch off , when bathroom is not in use. While leaving the room, women should take care to switch off the lights and fans without fail.




a.       Visitors are permitted entry ONLY to the lobby and the visitors room on the ground floor at specified timings


          Weekdays             8.00 am to 11.00 am & 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm


          Sundays /            8.00 am to 12.30 am & 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm

          Public holidays


b.       Residents are requested to come to the lobby and visitors room properly dressed and to maintain proper decorum at all times.




Temporary accommodation for the female guests of residents’ may be provided in the guest room if available. Previous intimation must be provided in writing to the Hostel Warden and prior permission obtained before the arrival of the guest. All guests will be charged as per the existing rates for the guest rooms. The guests shall abide by the same rules of the hostel as is applicable to the residents.





a.       All are expected to maintain strict discipline within the premises of the Hostel. Loud conversations disturb others and hence speech should always be in low and audible tones.


b.       Smoking, gambling, consumption of alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the hostel premises.


c.       The hostel premises should not be used for any business purpose or promotion.

  1.      The residents shall maintain a high level of social and moral etiquette at all times, and shall not create any kind of nuisance to the others in whatsoever manner.

          e.       Residents should take particular care not to bring any visitor beyond the lobby in the ground floor.

  1.      Strict silence should be observed from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.  

in the hostel and its premises.


  1.      Any  misbehavior,  misconduct,   indiscipline  or  breach  of  the

hostel rules and regulations will invite severe punishment on the resident and may even result in her expulsion from the hostel with or without any notice.






The hostel management committee reserves the right to terminate the temporary occupancy of a women for any willfull disobedience or defiance of authority, non observation of hostel rules causing damage to person or property, indulging in anti-social, anti-national or undesirable activities.



            The management seeks the whole hearted cooperation of all residents in order to make hostel life healthy and happy for each one of the residents. The rules and regulations have been framed to benefit the residents to the maximum and hence all are expected to strictly observe them. Any breach of the prescribed rules and regulations shall amount to forfeiture of the opportunity for the resident to stay in the hostel.

The Rules and Regulations of the hostel are subject to revision or amendment from time to time at the discretion of the Hostel Management Committee for the benefit of all concerned.

The Hostel Management Committee reserves the right to ask any resident breaking the rules or indulging in any activity which in its opinion is contrary to the interests of the Board or the Hostel Management Committee to leave the hostel with or without prior notice. The decision of the Hostel Management Committee will be final in any case.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel will be displayed on the notice board and provided to the resident at the time of her admission to which she will append her signature as an agreement.